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Moon energy has a powerful frequency that connects women to empowerment, grace, beauty and the divine feminine.  

Mother Moon’s energy is nurturing and compassionate.  She gently guides and encourages you towards your life’s path. She reveals your darkest shadows and shines light on your soul’s desires. The moon goddess heals and inspires.

Mother Moon lives in a constant state of change—growing and releasing, as the universe needs her to. As she grows, she brings in new energy, opportunities and clarity to life. In full expression, Mother Moon amplifies the energy you hold in your mind, body and spirit. As she wanes and moves to darkness, she releases what does not serve her. True bliss comes from healing the darkness and bringing in the light. Let go of the beliefs, habits and intentions that no longer serve you and open your heart to the new opportunities that the universe wants you to explore. 

This Mother Moon Bracelet has been created to activate awareness of your true calling by harmonizing yourself with the cycles of the moon, allowing self-reflection, discovery and transformation to occur with grace and ease. Energy Muse co-founder, Heather Askinosie, patterned this moon phase bracelet under the light of the new moon. Her patterning and the moon crystals reflect the ever-changing evolution and energy of the cycles of the moon. Blue Fresh Water Pearls represent the waves of emotion we experience during the cycles of the moon. They allow us to work with the moon energy to process our emotions and release what we are grasping to. White Pearls radiate purity, beauty and innocence, fostering new beginnings. The white pearls throughout the piece represent the different phases of the moon, ultimately reaching the full moon. Sodalite allows us to find our internal truth and be able to express it. When we are able to face our shadow side instead of avoiding it, we are able to heal. Onyx guides us through our shadow self, giving us the ability to cleanse, release and surrender. Hematite keeps us grounded during this ever-changing process. It helps to balance the yin and the yang energy.

Call upon Mother Moon when you wish to face your darkness and transform it into light.

INVOCATION: I call upon Mother Moon, who nurtures, heals and encourages me through transformation. Open me up to my true life’s calling. 

How To Use--

To activate your "Mother Moon Bracelet," sit quietly, holding your piece in both hands. Have your goddess mantra or invocation close by. Breathe in the highest white light and visualize your intention for your piece. Visualize the moon energy in your mind as you state the invocation, "I call upon Mother Moon, who nurtures, heals and encourages me through transformation. Open me up to my true life’s calling." The stones are listening. It is now ready to wear.

Wear and work with your piece throughout each month to connect to each phase of the moon. Use it in your new moon ritual and full moon ritual as well!  

How to Set Your Intention

When you first receive your Energy Muse piece, one of the most important components is setting intentions. To activate your own Energy Muse piece, sit quietly, holding your bracelet in both of your hands. Breathe in the highest white light and then visualize your intention for the jewelry. You may also say your intention aloud if you would like. 

Cleansing Your Jewelry

Your gemstones will work best when they are cleared and cleansed. So, cleanse and activate them often! Here are some recommended ways to cleanse your jewelry:

1. Place your jewelry on the soil or branches of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.
2. Place your jewelry outside under the sun or full moon for at least 4 hours.
3. Steadily hold your jewelry in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until your piece becomes still.
4. Lay your jewelry on a piece of Selenite or Quartz Crystal for at least 6 hours. 


Energy Muse is a conscious lifestyle brand providing tools of empowerment, inspiration and hope. Each piece combines energy and intention to help you achieve a desired outcome. Click here to see "Who's Wearing Energy Muse: Celebrities and Athletes wear us!

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Holiday Shopping 2015 from NOVICA

ARTISIANS! Are you an artisan or artisan group that needs help reaching the global market?  If you live in one of our eight global regions, please get in touch.  Details inside!
CURATORS!  Bring more exposure to your favorite artisans by curating their treasures into collection that appear in NOVICA.  Get details inside!
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...has been paid to artisians around the World!

(as of 12:12amEST | Sun., 09/13/15)

 Shoppe The Bazaar

Gold accented dangle earrings, 'Golden Plumeria' (Indonesia) Gold accented dangle earrings, 'Golden Plumeria' (Indonesia)
Delicate floral halos are centered by golden suns in these feminine earrings from Bali's Komang Wijayana. Crafted in sterling silver, the earrings are accented in gleaming 18k gold..925 Sterling silver. US$40

Sterling silver dangle earrings, 'Paradise Square' (Indonesia) Sterling silver dangle earrings, 'Paradise Square' (Indonesia)
These stunning squares of fine sterling silver lend a fleeting glimpse of paradise. They form a wonderfully original earring design by Balinese jewelry artisan Sukartini, who crafts the pair by hand. .925 sterling silver.  US$35

Amber beaded earrings, 'Akorfa' (Ghana) Amber beaded earrings, 'Akorfa' (Ghana)
The harmonious contrast of colors in the design of these beaded earrings is fascinating. From Ghana's Rita Addo Zakour, the earrings are crafted by hand with grey recycled glass beads. They are centered by the golden glow of amber. Flanked by recycled plastic beads, the earrings are worn on brass hooks. Zakour's earrings are called "Akorfa," the Ewe term for "Comfort."  US$20

Beaded clutch evening bag, 'Emerald Allure' (India) Beaded clutch evening bag, 'Emerald Allure' (India)
Sparkling rhinestones embellish the emerald allure of this beautiful handbag from designer Vipin in India. With an inner zipper pocket, the elegant clutch goes from dressy to formal.  US$49

Beaded rayon wristlet handbag, 'Atitlan Heart' (Guatemala) Beaded rayon wristlet handbag, 'Atitlan Heart' (Guatemala)
Designed by Karina Mercedes Canova, this stunning evening bag recalls the deep blue of Lake Atitlan. She adorns sleek black fabric 
with hand-loomed rayon from the huipil blouses worn by Maya 
women. Czech crystals on the flap form an open heart. 
Inside, the wristlet handbag features black sequins, a zipper pocket 
and a cell phone pouch.  US$175

Brass jewelry box, 'Palatial' (India) Brass jewelry box, 'Palatial' (India)
The fabulous design and artisanship of this jewelry box is captivating. Khalid Ali designs the palatial box, which is crafted by hand featuring a mango wood structure. Ali then covers the box with embossed brass that is plated with copper, while the edges and angles are nickel plated. Glistening beads recall precious gems. The interior is divided into four compartments, and a mirror is conveniently placed in the lid.  US$85

Painted glass box, 'Precious Turquoise' (Peru) Painted glass box, 'Precious Turquoise' (Peru)
Luxuriant tendrils frame a regal medallion in a sea of turquoise. Glowing warmly on a hexagonal chest, they recall colonial art motifs. Painter Edmundo Contreras meticulously hand-paints the motifs on the reverse side of panes of glass. They grace a hand-crafted wood box, edged with gilt. US$75

Silk batik scarf Javanese Flower (Indonesia) Silk batik scarf Javanese Flower (Indonesia)
Working with ancestral textile techniques, designer Yuni Kristina depicts a field of flowers. They cover a silk scarf with warm colors, stamped by hand and embellished with batik. The motifs are a traditional Javanese design known as buket kotak lemahan and depicts blossoms grown on the earth.  US$30

Silk batik scarf, 'Ruby Royale' (Indonesia) Silk batik scarf, 'Ruby Royale' (Indonesia)
Curling leaves sway throughout the silk textures of this exquisite scarf from Melati's Collection. Classic batik techniques reveal the leafy patterns once reserved for the sole use of Indonesian royals. Arrives in a custom made gift box.  US$70

Silk batik scarf, 'Golden Paradise' (Indonesia) Silk batik scarf, 'Golden Paradise' (Indonesia)
Turquoise and onyx flowers bloom over golden lands in this fabulous silk shawl. From Melati's Collection, the majestic composition is expertly executed with batik techniques on silk that is hewn by hand. Designer Melati presents this shawl inside a quality, custom-made gift box.  US$70

Women's batik robe, 'Emerald Birds' (Indonesia) Women's batik robe, 'Emerald Birds' (Indonesia)
Like jade feathers against a midnight sky, this fascinating batik robe by Desak Nyoman Parwati creates the illusion of a Merpati ("pigeon") in flight. Makes for refreshing attire on a warm summer evening. This hand-painted batik robe is a truly original work of art. Sunlight, water, dye and temperature all factor into the look of the finished robe. This should be considered a unique design made especially for you. Colors and pattern placement will vary.  US$50

Women's batik robe, 'Exotic Blue' (Indonesia) Women's batik robe, 'Exotic Blue' (Indonesia)
Infused with the exuberance of Bali's colorful birds, this batik robe by Desak Nyoman Parwati features blue, purple, and dark red patterns akin to a Nuria-- a small and beautiful Balinese bird. Makes for refreshing attire on a warm summer evening. This hand-painted batik robe is a truly original work of art. Sunlight, water, dye and temperature all factor into the look of the finished robe. This should be considered a unique design made especially for you. Colors and pattern placement will vary.  US$50

Women's batik robe, 'Kissed by Violet' (Indonesia) Women's batik robe, 'Kissed by Violet' (Indonesia)
Eliciting rich depths of color with batik, Desak Nyoman Parwati creates an enchanting design. Delicate flowers are kissed by violet in this robe. Beautiful and comfortable, its flattering front-wrap style, wide sleeves and matching belt bring Balinese chic to leisure moments.
This hand-painted batik robe is a truly original work of art. Sunlight, water, dye and temperature all factor into the look of the finished robe. This should be considered a unique design made especially for you. Colors and pattern placement will vary.  US$70

Iron and recycled glass candleholder, 'Spiral Comet' (pair) (Ghana) Iron and recycled glass candleholder, 'Spiral Comet' (pair) (Ghana)
Dan Quaynor designs an attractive candleholder featuring glass comets with spiraling tails. Quaynor crafts this pair by using recycled materials, including iron for the main frame and recycled glass for the crystalline accents.

Natural fiber notebooks, 'Hypnotic Turquoise' (pair) (Indonesia) Natural fiber notebooks, 'Hypnotic Turquoise' (pair) (Indonesia)
Tinted a deep turquoise, concentric circles take shape in natural fibers. Komang Sulaksana selects the textures of banana bark and agel grass cord for these beautiful notebooks. Each a one-of-a-kind, 50 pages of rice straw paper.  US$30

Mirror, 'Fiesta Moon' (Mexico) Mirror, 'Fiesta Moon' (Mexico)
Depicted in a brilliant array of colors, the crescent moon embraces a dazzling wall mirror. Skilled artisans from Vidri Arte craft the mosaic by hand with bits of stained glass placed one by one. Features a forged iron structure and frame. Because each piece is individually crafted, each is absolutely unique. The motifs could differ slightly from those pictured and the size could vary by as much as +/- 2 cm.  US$175

Mirror, 'Garden of Eden' (Peru) Mirror, 'Garden of Eden' (Peru)
The birth of Jesus, the Garden of Eden and a Peruvian celebration make this traditional Retablo a most engaging mirror frame. Originally intended as an altar piece, Retablos traditionally feature biblical passages amids distinct Andean customs, as eloquently detailed by Alejandro Chavez. Chavez creates each image with ceramics and meticulously paints them in bright colors.  US$70

Ceramic vase, 'Crossing' (Ghana)
Ceramic vase, 'Crossing' (Ghana)
By Matilda Elizabeth Amissah, this handsome vase exudes modern African style. Blue beads on bright raffia adorn the piece, and the artisan incises the adinkra symbol for nhwimu/nkyimu on the sides, which means "Crossing."  US$30

Ceramic condiment bowls, 'Lithe Gecko' (pair) (Indonesia) Ceramic condiment bowls, 'Lithe Gecko' (pair) (Indonesia)
Lithe geckos play hide and seek on these enchanting condiment cups by Putu Oka Mahendra. Shaped by hand on the potter's wheel, the pieces are high fired for eight hours, resulting in a hard, glossy finish. Their cool color whispers of Balinese rain forests.  US$15

Ceramic oil and vinegar set, 'Jade Minimalism' (pair) (Indonesia) Ceramic oil and vinegar set, 'Jade Minimalism' (pair) (Indonesia)
The art of aesthetic minimalism flourishes in the design of this oil and vinegar set. From Bali's designer Putu Oka Mahendra, each piece features a slender spout with the hole on the underside. They are crafted of ceramic with a shiny glaze finish.  US$35

Embroidered cushion covers, 'Sapphire Elegance' (pair) (India) Embroidered cushion covers, 'Sapphire Elegance' (pair) (India)
By Ekta Sharma, this set combines one solid cushion cover and one with machine embroidery. The designer adapts India's tribal textiles for today's d'ecor. Concentric arches are precisely stitched on an off white background to complement shimmering sapphire fabric.  US$30

Ornaments, 'Joyful Melody' (set of 4, medium) (India) Ornaments, 'Joyful Melody' (set of 4, medium) (India)
Nestled among colorful blooms, birds chirp holiday tunes in a set of ornaments from India's Syed Izaz Hussein. Each is crafted with papier mache and painted by hand with elaborate detail.  US$35

Ornaments, 'Lavish Celebrations ' (set of 4) (India) Ornaments, 'Lavish Celebrations ' (set of 4) (India)
Syed Izaz Hussein welcomes the holiday season with lavishly painted ornaments. Each is crafted by hand with exquisite detail, in gold over maroon and black.  US$40

Celadon ceramic nativity scene, 'Reverence' (set of 10) (Thailand) Celadon ceramic nativity scene, 'Reverence' (set of 10) (Thailand)
Working in Thailand's legendary Celadon ceramic, Kanda creates a beautiful nativity scene. Angels, shepherds and the Three Kings are reverent in the presence of the Holy Family. This beautiful set of ten figurines will become a family heirloom.  US$85

Ornaments, 'Sparkling Hearts' (set of 10) (India) Ornaments, 'Sparkling Hearts' (set of 10) (India)
Studded with sparkling sequins, these ornaments are dazzling additions to any d'ecor. Parvez A. Warsi fashions each colorful heart with beadwork borders. The handcrafted set includes a handmade drawstring bag.  US$35

Alpaca blend boucle poncho, 'Cuzco Natural' (Peru) Alpaca blend boucle poncho, 'Cuzco Natural' (Peru)
In Peru, baby alpaca is the wool from the season's first shearing noted for its softness and warmth. Raquel and Gregor select baby alpaca for their elegant design of this boucle poncho with a snug turtleneck in the natural ivory white hue of the wool.  US$90

100% alpaca shawl, 'Blue Cloud' (Peru) 100% alpaca shawl, 'Blue Cloud' (Peru)
Soft as a cloud, pale blue distinguishes this shawl by Jorge Priori. Working in luxurious baby alpaca wool, he weaves enchanting textures and finishes the wrap with hand-knotted fringe. Renowned for its thermal qualities, alpaca is lightweight yet it possesses an incredible capacity for heat retention. Baby alpaca refers to the fine fleece from the year's first shearing.  US$90

Batik wall hanging, 'Fertility Doll' (Ghana) Batik wall hanging, 'Fertility Doll' (Ghana)
"The fertility doll is believed to possess the powers of the goddess of children," says K. Baka as he introduces this batik wall hanging. Tradition dictates that a woman who cannot conceive should sleep with this doll by her side, and eventually she will be able to bear children. Well-detailed, this wall hanging is executed with dyes and pigments extracted from local plants.  US$75

Ashanti throne ottoman, 'Mmaa Gwa' (Ghana) Ashanti throne ottoman, 'Mmaa Gwa' (Ghana)
A gift of love and respect, this stool is designed for a husband to give his wife, according to West African traditions. Akin to a throne, the stool is hand-carved from African sese wood and adorned with elaborate brass plates. On the seat the stool features a lizard and a sankorfa bird, this last one an Adinkra symbol that advises to look back on life to evaluate it. Evans Doe Martey kindly takes care to explain the significance of this piece. 

"...I crafted this product as a mmaa gwa, an Akan term meaning 'woman's stool.' When a man marries he is supposed to give this to his bride or when she gives birth. This gift is to show how much he cares and loves her." 

Apart from their everyday use as furniture, stools play quite a significant role in social as well religious matters for they also stand as a symbol of authority. A chief's stool becomes an object of worship, it is "fed" and "given drinks" during the annual Odwira (Akan) or Homowo (Ga) festivals. The symbols featured on the stools are either proverbial or abstract, and represent the beliefs and aspirations of the West African clan and its rulers.  US$275

Ivoirian wood mask, 'Baule Moon Blessings' (Ghana) Ivoirian wood mask, 'Baule Moon Blessings' (Ghana)
Carved by hand from sese wood, this stunning mask depicts the face of the moon. Salihu Ibrahim depicts a design from the Baule people of C'te d'Ivoire. "Such masks are used on the first day the moon appears, in celebration and gratitude for God's blessings," the artisan explains.

Silk folding screen, 'Tropics' (Brazil) Silk folding screen, 'Tropics' (Brazil)
Hand-painted on shimmering silk, tropical motifs dance in bright 
sherbet colors. In's Rache brings her delightful designs to a versatile folding screen. The three hinged panels are mounted on a blonde pinewood frame.  US$425

Bamboo wind chimes, 'Owl Melodies' (Indonesia) Bamboo wind chimes, 'Owl Melodies' (Indonesia)
From Bali, these artisan-crafted chimes are filled with natural beauty. Made Ana uses dried bamboo stalks for the chimes, their different lengths designed to emit slightly different pitches. A curious owl crafted of coconut coir is perched above the chimes, seemingly enjoying their soothing melody.

Parachute hammock, 'Uluwatu Tan' (double) (Indonesia) Parachute hammock, 'Uluwatu Tan' (double) (Indonesia)
Java's Dian Rahmawati presents this lightweight hammock in a warm tan shade. Ideal for traveling and camping in most environments, the weather-resistant hammock is sewn of the same nylon silk used for parachutes. The hammock features a pouch for storing when rolled up, and standard nautical rope and strong stainless steel hooks are included. See inside for more color selections.  US$49

Mens sterling silver band ring Positive (Indonesia) Mens sterling silver band ring Positive (Indonesia)
A series of form�e crosses in polished silver align on a ring by Nyoman Rena. Designed for men, it contrasts burnished silver with darkened finishes. .925 Sterling silver.  US$50

Sterling silver cufflinks Waterfall (Indonesia) Sterling silver cufflinks Waterfall (Indonesia)
Putu Gede Darmawan conjures flowing water with this contemporary design. The bold sterling silver cuff links depict bubbles on the back. .925 Sterling silver.  US$85

Men's sterling silver and leather braided bracelet, 'Cobra' (Indonesia) Men's sterling silver and leather braided bracelet, 'Cobra' (Indonesia)
Warm and elegant, this bracelet is braided by hand from supple black leather. A unique cobra of sterling silver fastens the black braid by designer Henry Anthony Sanny. .925 Sterling silver.  US$75

Men's sterling silver and leather braided bracelet, 'Glory' (Indonesia) Men's sterling silver and leather braided bracelet, 'Glory' (Indonesia)
A superb example of modern Indonesian style, this bracelet comes from Henry Anthony Sanny. The black leather braid is trimmed with silver, and it closes with a sterling clasp. .925 Sterling silver.  US$125

Men's cotton batik robe, 'Cosmos' (Indonesia) Men's cotton batik robe, 'Cosmos' (Indonesia)
A turquoise cosmos brings bold elegance to this robe by Ketut Suwitra. Featuring two front pockets and 3/4 length sleeves, the cotton robe is decorated with vibrant stamped batik patterns.  US$85

Men's cotton batik robe, 'Copper Puzzle' (Indonesia) Men's cotton batik robe, 'Copper Puzzle' (Indonesia)
The copper and brown pieces of a batik puzzle fit perfectly in this stylish robe for men. By Agus Suryanto, the patterns are stamped by hand on cotton with a black belt and border for contrast. The robe features one pocket and three-quarter length sleeves.  US$75

Men's cotton batik robe, 'Black Cosmos' (Indonesia) Men's cotton batik robe, 'Black Cosmos' (Indonesia)
A whirling cosmos in black and white brings bold elegance to this robe by Ketut Suwitra. Featuring two front pockets and three-quarter length sleeves, the cotton robe is decorated with vibrant batik stamped patterns. It wraps and ties with a self belt.  US$90

Men's cotton founder's t-shirt, 'Black Kuta Breeze' (Indonesia) Men's cotton founder's t-shirt, 'Black Kuta Breeze' (Indonesia)
This classic black t-shirt for men is sewn of super soft and slightly sheer cotton. With a fine gauge, the regular fit jersey t-shirt features a crew neckline and short sleeves with folded hem.  US$25

Men's cotton shirt, 'Tiger Scratch' (Indonesia) Men's cotton shirt, 'Tiger Scratch' (Indonesia)
Agus Suryanto evokes casual elegance with a men's shirt in cool cotton. Red piping adorns the center front, and all the buttons are hidden except one. The black and white print evokes the marks of tiger claws. The Javanese designer includes an extra button.  US$70

Leather messenger bag, 'Wandering Caramel' (Peru) Leather messenger bag, 'Wandering Caramel' (Peru)
Patsy Chang designs a messenger bag that is at once classic and trendy. She selects top quality leather in deep caramel brown which she matches with a brown lining. The bag features one pocket on the back and two pockets under the flap, as well as three more pockets inside, one with a zipper. The shoulder strap is adjustable.  US$195

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